Hello, my name is Clay West, and I am the founder of UC Leather Company. Growing up on the original homestead in Arvada, Colorado, I was immersed in the cowboy lifestyle from an early age. My family has been in the livestock business for generations, and my grandfather, father, and uncle owned a rodeo business called Bar W Slash. The cowboy spirit of loyalty, honesty, and hard work has always been a part of my life.

In 2015, I started Urban Cowboy Apparel with the vision of bringing a way of life to consumers, not just a brand. Our mission is to inspire customers to live the "Cowboy Dream" through quality leather work and straight forward, honest service. As we grew, I met my wife Skylar, and in 2020, we made the bold decision to move to Georgetown, Texas and live out our brand. Today, our business is run solely by us, a true mom and pop shop.


To reflect our growth and maturity, we recently rebranded as UC Leather Company, but our values remain the same. We are grateful for the support of our amazing customers, like you, who make it possible for us to live out our dream and design new products along the way.
We invite you to join us on this journey, keep your chin tucked, enjoy the ride, and live life to the fullest. Thank you for being a part of our growth.